Utilities Surveys

A Utilities Survey is an accurate plan of subterranean utility services that course below a specified area. A standard Utilities Survey includes pipes, power cables, buried objects and hidden geological features.

We use the latest instruments including Ground Penetrating Radar to detect the location, depth, and path of subterranean Utilities. Typically, this is presented on an existing Land Survey or Topographical Survey plan but can also be marked at ground level using colour coded paints; the latter approach being particularly useful if the site is under construction.

We accurately map drainage systems below specified sites using the latest radio detection instruments and deploy CCTV robots to inspect the condition of pipework. Our drainage mapping service includes location plans, a written maintenance report and video file.

Architects, Planners, and Engineers typically use Utilities Surveys. They are the trusted foundation for informed decisions throughout design and significantly reduce the risk of unexpected and costly issues during construction.

Utilities Survey Service Options

  • 2D Utilities Site Plan
  • Drainage Mapping
  • Pipes & Cables Detection
  • Buried Objects Detection
  • Buried Geographical Features Detection
  • CCTV Survey
  • Colour Coded Utilities Marking
  • Scaled Printed Plans

Utilities Survey Specification

For every Utilities Survey, we construct a bespoke specification document to control site work operations and data processing.

You can download the Utilities Survey specification below and highlight the features needed for your project.

Utilities Survey Specification

Utilities Survey Quotation

To obtain a Utilities Survey quotation please send your project brief to hello@design-base.co.uk or use the online quote portal.

For free advice and consultancy please call 01225 314370.

Area of Expertise

Our extensive Utilities Survey experience includes;

  • University Surveys
  • School Surveys
  • College Surveys
  • Hospital Surveys
  • Office Surveys
  • Shopping Mall Surveys
  • Factory Surveys
  • Warehouse Surveys
  • Housing Development Surveys
  • Private Residence Surveys

Areas we cover

We offer our Utility services throughout the UK including;

  • London
  • Reading
  • Oxford
  • Swindon
  • Cheltenham
  • Gloucester
  • Salisbury
  • Bath
  • Bristol
  • Cardiff

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